Regentlaan 40 / Boulevard du Régent 40
1000 Brussels
Tel. 02/508-2276

Director: Ms. Tania Chomiak - Salvi

The American Center is part of the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Brussels.

Information Resource Center (IRC)
Tel. 02/508-2280
Fax 02/511-9652

The Information Resource Center aims to serve those who, in connection with their work, need information about the United States Government's foreign and domestic policies; political and legislative developments; defense and security matters; and social issues. Within these subject areas, the Information Resource Center's experienced staff can help enquirers to develop detailed and extensive information, or assist in identifying appropriate information sources to contact in the U.S.

Researchers, government offices, members of Parliament and their staffs, journalists, and university faculty are all regular users. The office hours of the Information Resource Center are: 9 a.m to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, excluding American and Belgian public holidays.

The answer to many enquiries received by the Information Resource Center can be found on the website of the U.S. Embassy at

The Information Resource Center maintains a public website specialized in U.S. foreign policy issues: This website is updated on a daily basis and contains major statements by U.S. public officials, the latest documents and reports as well as contributions by think tanks, ngos and other non-governmental institutions.

The IRC sends out a weekly Foreign Policy Newsletter highlighting major policy statements by the U.S. government via e-mail. If you wish to subscribe, please fill out the form on our website at

Program Office
Tel. 02/508-2408
Fax 02/508-2699

The Program Office promotes understanding of U.S. society and culture, and discussion between Belgians and Americans on issues of mutual interest. It organizes conferences, seminars and lectures on a wide range of issues, mostly in collaboration with Belgian academic, cultural and professional institutions. It undertakes travel programs and supports academic conferences about subject matter involving the United States at Belgian universities, university-level institutions and professional organizations. Requests for speakers can be addressed to the director of the American Center.

It also organizes the Forum Series at the American Center, a monthly lunch-time lecture discussion on political, economic or cultural subjects of interest in the context of Belgo-American relations.

The Program Office runs a videoconferencing facility at the American Center. It allows the Center to organize live discussions between Belgian invitees and U.S. Government officials or non-government experts in the United States.

Cultural Grants The American Center also entertains requests for financial support of conferences, art exhibitions and festivals (among other types of initiatives). Support can only be awarded to Belgian initiatives featuring Americans or (an) aspect(s) of American culture. Requests can be addressed in writing to the Director of the American Center. As part of the grant program, the American Center awards yearly book grants to a number of Belgian university centers specializing in American Studies.

Written and oral requests to the American Center can be addressed in Dutch, French, German or English.


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